UT2004 Content Mania - Mutator

Manic fun on any map.


Run the SetupMod script or copy all files in to the '<UT2004>/system' folder.


Mutator - 'Content Mania'

Add objects like vehicles and extra weapons to any map. Save your settings to use again and again. Manic fun on any map.

It should work with any of the standard game types. Deathmatch requires an additional mutator to support Bots.

Things You Can Add


Add the 'Content Mania - Setup' mutator. Host your level as normal without any other mutators loaded. Run round your chosen map and at the point you want to add a new object, press the fire button of your 'Setup Mania' weapon. This is the weapon you were given as the default, at the start. You can change to this weapon using the normal 'NextWeapon' and 'PrevWeapon' keys, normally the mouse wheel.

The popup menu has various options. The first to set is the 'File As' name for the object you are adding. You can have as many separate files as you like, each is only used on the map you are currently using.

You can also chose if all the vehicles in the level are unlocked or if you want to set each vehicle's team individually. This option is saved and used when you Play the map using this file.

Now select the object you want to add and you can fine adjust the location. Some objects will need to be added slightly above the ground so adjust the Z value, if necessary. Remember to press the 'Add Object' button.

If you don't want to add anything, just press the 'Continue' button. If you want to see what the map will look like in play, press the 'Test Fit' button to drop objects in to the map. Remember to move out the way of any objects first.

You can remove or edit any objects you have already added, just select the item from the list and press the 'Remove' or the 'Edit' buttons.

Some ojects have extra options that can be set. For example, you can set the Team number for vehicles.

Selecting the files to play with each map

Use the configuration menu of the 'Content Mania - Setup' mutator to select the files to use for each of your maps. Each map may have multiple files, but only the one selected here will be used.


Add the 'Content Mania - Play' mutator before playing.

You can not have the 'Content Mania - Setup' mutator loaded at the same time as the 'Content Mania - Play' mutator.

The above is all you need to know to use the mutator. The following goes in to more detail for those interested.

Custom Menus and Stuff

You can add your own menus with your own items on them plus you can add any static meshes you like.

To be able to successfully add items of your own choice, you will need an understanding of the Unreal Object structure, classes and their names. You can find the names from either UnrealEd or the Unrealscript source code. Some objects are complex or have bStatic or bNoDelete set to true and will not work, you will only establish this by trial and error. Only items which are Sub-classes of the Actor class will work.

For custom menu items you need to manually add the items to the jcbContentSetup.ini file. You can only add to your own new menu names, the 'Vehicle Factory' and the 'Vehicles and Turrets' menus.

Static Meshes do not have a separate class name, just a StaticMesh name. You can find that name from UnrealEd. You can add those within the setup programme, as you use them, or you can edit the jcbContentSetup.ini file.

Edit jcbContentSetup.ini
Use NotePad or any text editor. The file 'jcbContentSetup.ini' can be found in the '<UT2004>/system' folder. You can add any number of extra classes that will be shown on the Custom Stuff List.

Use the full name of the class including the package name. for example: 'jcbContentMania.ActJCBHealth'

Example: jcbContentSetup.ini
CustomMenu=(sMenu="Custom Items",sName="Friendly Name",sClass="SomePackage.Class")
CustomMenu=(sMenu="Custom Items",sName="Barrel",sClass="UT2k4Assault.DECO_ExplodingBarrel")
CustomMenu=(sMenu="Custom Items",sName="DOM A Symbol",sClass="XGame.xDomA")
CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicle Factory",sName="EC SPMA Artillery Factory",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSArtillery")
CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicle Factory",sName="EC Cicada Factory",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSDualAttackCraft")
CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicle Factory",sName="EC Paladin Shock Tank Factory",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSShockTank")
CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicles and Turrets",sName="EC SPMA Artillery",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSArtillery")
CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicles and Turrets",sName="EC Cicada",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSDualAttackCraft")
CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicles and Turrets",sName="EC Paladin Shock Tank",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSShockTank")

Items added to the 'Vehicle Factory' menu must be the Vehicle class not another Factory class. All StaticMeshes appear as a parameter to the Decorations and Stuff menu, when you select Static Meshes as the object.


Known Limitations

Using the Package to play Multiplayer on a LAN or the Internet

The Server UT2004.ini file has to be set up correctly for this package to fully work on the Client. If you have used the included SetupMod script, it has probably been done for you. If not, then, register the package on the server machines and make sure the latest files are copied to the Client machine.

If the files are not present on the Client they will automatically be copied when the Client joins the match.

The UT2004.ini file is in the '<UT2004>/system' folder. Edit it using Notepad to add the package files to the ServerPackages in the [Engine.GameEngine] section.

This package name is 'jcbContentMania'

Edit the UT2004.ini file as follows:

It should only be necessary to do this on the machine acting as the server.
(The newer patches have a built in setting that should do this automatically but I have not tried to test it.)

This package will only work with Unreal Tournament 2004

Not For Unreal Tournament 2003.


This mod or mutator has been tested on the following systems:


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