UT2004 jcbSenator Skins


Minor modifications to a few standard human skins to create our home team.







Assisted Install

Run the SetupMod script to copy the files to their respective directories and edit the UT2004.ini file for you.

Manual Install

You only need to do the following, if you have not been able to run the included SetupMod script.

Copy the following files:

*.upl to the '<UT2004>/system' folder.
*.utx to the '<UT2004>/textures' folder.

That's all that's necessary to get the Skins to appear for single player, however, if you have not used the SetupMod script there's a little extra required to finish off the install properly and to get them to work in multiplayer games.

Using the Package to play Multiplayer on a LAN or the Internet

For any package, mod, mutator or skin to work in a multiplayer game, the sever UT2004.ini file has to be set up correctly to register the package and the files have to be on both the client and the server machines.

The UT2004.ini file is in the '<UT2004>/system' folder. Edit it using Notepad to add the package files to the ServerPackages in the [Engine.GameEngine] section.

This package name is 'jcbSenatorSkins'

Edit the UT2004.ini file as follows:

It should only be necessary to do this on the machine acting as the server.

No Team Skins

The Senator Clan plays on the same side. There is no need to have separate colours for opposite teams, so they have not been included in the skins file. This also dramatically reduces the file size.


The above screenshots were taken in game using the freecamera mode.

To turn ON:

Console key, usually the [Tab] key
freecamera 1 [Return]
Now you can move round the player and use the [F9] key to save screenshots to the '<UT2003>/system' or '<UT2004>/ScreenShots' folder.

To turn OFF:

Console key, usually the [Tab] key
freecamera 0 [Return]
You're back in the game.

UT2004 or UT2003

One of the models used for these Skins was first distributed with UT2004, so will only work with that game or newer.